90% of Americans Believe We Are Experiencing a Mental Health Crisis.

Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

What Can We Do?

It is confounding that we have at our disposal innumerable potential modalities to meet and treat our mental health struggles, but are choosing not to employ them at the scale needed. These resources, if utilized, would help heal those directly struggling as well as our fraying social fabric. However, it will take intensified public advocacy to motivate the substantial investments and policy shifts necessary to bring sustainable solutions to bare.

Supporting Our Kids

Our children in particular can also be better aided in schools, by providing whole-child education, conflict resolution and self-regulation practices and curricula, using neuro-regulatory strategies and tools.



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Matthew Albracht

Matthew Albracht

Social change and health & wellness advocate, writer and educator. Fmr. Director at Peace Alliance. www.MatthewAlbracht.com @MatthewAlbracht